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Phrases that trigger funny actions in Google Search Engine- EasterEggs(2018)

google easter eggs

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Phrases that trigger funny actions in Google Search Engine- EasterEggs(2018)

Easter Egg means an unexpected feature in a software, included for fun or as an extra bonus. Google included most of the easter eggs in its most popular product: search engine.

Google is the most used and most popular search engine in the world, so it is definitely worth knowing some tricks about it. Google included many Easter Eggs in it which can be accessed simply by using a specific word or phrase as the search string.

1.Do a Barrel Roll

This is the most popular Easter Egg. Google does 360 degrees clockwise roll if you want it to. Typing “Do a Barrel Roll” triggers this Easter Egg.

do a barrel roll


2.Zerg Rush

It is a funny game included in Google. Typing “Zerg Rush” will trigger this game. All “O” alphabets will attack and destroy the search results. All you have to do to stop them is clicking them to destroy.



Searching “Askew” in the search box will result in a slight right tilt of search results.




4.Atari Breakout

Google introduced an Easter Egg for this classic game, Breakout Arcade game developed and published years ago by Atari. To access this Easter egg, do a Google image search for the “Atari breakout”, and the images in search results will turn into colorful bricks, which you can smash with the ball while bouncing it off the paddle. You can win the game by smashing all bricks.

atari brakout- google easter rggs


5.Google in 1998

Google is a perfect search engine in all aspects, but ever wondered how it started. You can see how Google looks in 1998 by searching “Google in 1998“. This results in 1998 version of Google.


6.Google Gravity

Enter “Google Gravity” in the search box and hit  “I’m feeling lucky”. This introduces gravity which results in crumbling of all UI elements of the webpage to the base. Even if all the UI elements crumble to the base, they work fine.

google gravity- google easter eggs


7.Google Sphere

Enter “Google Sphere” in the search box and hit  “I’m feeling lucky”.  A spherical Google version appears. This sphere rotates with the mouse movement.

googlesphere- google easter eggs


8.Google Pacman

Pacman is a legendary game which evolved years ago. But if you want that nostalgia back, you can do it in Google itself. If you ever wanted to play this game, then search for “Pacman” in Google.

pacman-google easter eggs


9.Google Basketball

Google also had an Easter Egg for one of the most popular games in the world: Basketball. Enter “Google Basketball” in the search box and click “I’m feeling lucky”.  An anime Basketball game appears which is pretty cool.

google easter eggs


10. Blink Html

This Easter Egg is of no use but for fun. All the HTML elements start blinking at you when you search for”Blink Html“.Isn’t that cool?

blink html- google easter eggs


11.Flip a coin

Ever worried if you don’t have a coin for toss before a match? Don’t worry. Google knows how stupid you are. Google has an Easter Egg for this too. Search for “Flip a coin“, this will trigger a coin spin which gives a result: head or tail.


12.Roll a die

A six faced die is used in many popular games. If it is that useful then Google helps you. Search for “Roll a die” and get a random number from 1 to 6.

roll a die- google easter eggs


13.Google Space

This is a cool Easter Egg which creates a space-like environment with no gravity and all objects flying around. Enter “Google Space” in the search bar and hit “I’m feeling lucky” to trigger this feature.

google easter eggs



Don’t want to carry an old timer watch or any app for timers, Google does it for you. Search for “Timer” in Google to start a timer which is set at 5 min by default.

google easter eggs


15.Tic Tac Toe

searching “tic tac toe” will let you start up the game. You can set it to play against a friend or Google itself. You can also set the difficulty to “impossible”.

google easter eggs


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