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Best Android Apps of January 2017


Best Android Apps of January 2017


These apps are picked by our professional team. These apps best Android apps of January and they definitely deserve a try .


5. Pie Control


This is the best side swiping control mechanism i have ever tried.
This app has very huge amount of customization . It is very responsive .
All you have to do is swipe from left or right or top corners to launch the application .



Shortcuts it provide

1. App shortcuts

2. Tools
– home
– recent
– back
– search
– voice command
– dial
– call log
– contacts
– cellular data
– wi-fi
– bluetooth
– rotate
– notification
– notepad
– camera
– flashlight
– web shortcut
– volume control

3. devices setting shortcuts

4. experimental
– direct call
– direct message
– take screenshot
– previous app
– menu(Rooted only)





4. Wally


Wally is here to give you a massive amount of wallpapers!
Utilizing Google’s Material Design principles, Wally is meant to give you a perfectly fluid user flow with subtle animations and bright colors. Using as the source of wallpapers, you have a really neat set of tools to find just what you’re looking for.

images-1 Best Android apps of 2017


Current features include:

• Browse and save/set wallpapers
• Filter wallpapers by categories, resolution, and/or aspect ratio
• Search by text
• Search by tags
• Browse random wallpapers
• Browse your saved wallpapers

Wally uses the popular website Wallhaven ( as its source of wallpapers. What’s Wallhaven you say?
“Wallhaven is a site created by and for people who like wallpapers, as well as a place where anime fans can be treated mostly like normal human beings. The original idea was to make an alternative to that could become a site in its own right.”






3. Screen Shot Utility


This is actually a basic tool  which allow you to edit screen shots any way you want to.
You can draw over them, you can draw boxes and the most important  features is ability to blur things .



– You can Draw over the screenshots and Highlight the part of the screenshot the way you want.
– Use text mode to add custom texts to your screenshots or images.
– Pick the colors and customize your drawings on the screenshot.
– We have implemented super flexible crop tool as you guys requested
– You can apply blur on your screenshots
– Easy to select multiple screenshots and delete them.






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2. AppInfo Mini


AppInfo Mini provide a quick way for accessing “App Info” for the foreground app. It show the info on your notification panel. AppInfo Mini can show permissions, traffic, storage statistics, etc. It also show extra info on status bar.

best apps of january


Notification Panel: App Info of foreground app
Notification Icon: Network meter, RAM, battery, date, etc.

App Info Mini, for Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.






1. Pixoff


Since this app solves the most common problem , this app deserves the first position in this list.

Saves battery with filter that turns off pixels.


best apps of january 2017


Saves battery by applying a filter that turns off pixels of screens, also incorporates the possibility of make a filter night decreasing so damaging blue light and you can further reduce battery consumption with facility to put a wallpaper to true black.

Black pixels save you a lot of power because those pixels can be turned completely off. There is a relationship between brightness and power, but to really save juice you need a true black.




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