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Chrome Finally Decided to Kill Website Redirects

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Chrome Finally Decided to Kill Website Redirects


Good news for Chrome users. Recently Google announced that it is going to block annoying website redirects. Especially for me, it is really a good news because I am the one who roams on the torrent sites for new movies and games.

Chrome is the most used and loved browser. It got all features of an ideal browser except for ad management. Chrome is not at all responsible for these redirects. Admins insert malicious ad code into their websites which results in annoying redirects and pop-ups.

In a blog post, Google stated that 1 out of every 5 feedback reports mentions users being redirected to an unwwanted site. So Google decided to address these issues in the future updates. After the update, Chrome blocks the website redirects displaying the message “redirect blocked” in the info bar as shown in the image below.

website redirect blocked

Another problem that Chrome users often complain about is when clicking a new link not only opens a new tab but also causes the original page to navigate to a different, unintended webpage. Google says this is a circumvention of Chrome’s pop-up blocker and with Chrome 65, those unwanted redirections in the main tab will be blocked and an alert notifying users of such will show up in an info bar.

Google finally decided to provide a flawless experience for its users by killing annoying redirects and irritating pop-ups. If Google really succeeds, then we are going to enjoy chrome usage more than ever.




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