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Finally, UC Browser has been removed from playstore

uc browser removal

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Finally, UC Browser has been removed from playstore


With over 500 million downloads, UC browser is the second most used browser in the world. UC is as popular as Google Chrome. UC browser has very clean UI, refined design and can do a lot more than just browsing.


There has been a lot of speculations and rumors in the past stating that UC browser is selling its users data. UC browser also has issues with its irrelevant and controversial images using in notifications. Many users reported Google about their inconvenience with UC browser and its violations. Despite all these issues, Google refused to remove UC from its store. But now, all of a sudden, Google removed it from the store.


uc removed from playstore


Reasons for Removal

Google remove apps from the play store only if the app violates the terms and conditions. But UC browser has been in the store for years and should have been removed it earlier if it really violates the terms and conditions. Reasons for UC browser removal has not yet been revealed, so let’s make some assumptions:

  • Users might have reported too many times to Google about their inconvenience with the UC which makes Google remove UC Browser.
  • Google somehow found a violation of terms and condition and decided to remove.
  • UC Browser must have a flaw which allows hackers to use it as a back-door to enter into your Android ecosystem.
  • Google must have removed it because of its irrelevant images used in notifications.


Anyhow, we missed one of the fastest and good looking browsers out there. Let’s hope that UC Browser fixes its issues soon and re-enter the play store soon. Let’s hope for the best.


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