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How to get Android P(9.0)’s Smart Reply feature in any Android.

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How to get Android P(9.0)’s Smart Reply feature in any Android.

How to get Android P(9.0)’s Smart Reply feature in any Android.

Google recently rolled out the developer preview of Android P which has a ton of new features. Smart Reply is the most underrated feature of Android P. This feature comes in handy in many situations, in fact, this is one of my favorite features.

For those who aren’t aware of this feature, Smart Reply is a feature that uses AI to read the message, generate best replies to that message and display them right in your notification bar. All you have to do is tapping the appropriate reply.

smart reply

This isn’t a new feature. For those who used Google Allow, this is a familiar feature. iMessages in IOS11 also features this kind of smart replies. Unlike Google Allow, Smart Reply feature is received well by the users which is why Google decided to embed this feature in Android P.

Developed by Google

Is it reliable? How accurate is it? Functional?

You might have got these questions too.Right? You will regret later. Since this app is developed by Google, it is very close to perfect. We ‘ve been using this app for a while now and we are totally in love with it. In fact, it made my life a little easier. I no longer required to type the boring same messages.

The app aims to bring smart reply functionality to chat/messaging apps that currently do not have it, such as Twitter, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, and Android Messages.

smart reply

How to Install

1. Download the App from this link 

2. Make sure the unknown sources is checked and install the apk.

smart reply

3. The first thing you’ll have to do is Signing in with your Google account. Then, the app will show you a few slides of the app’s features.

4. Then, the app will prompt you to give it notification access. Just tap on “Enable” or go to Settings->Notification & Sound->Notification access and enable the app.

That’s it. The app starts working and you will observe automatic suggestions in notifications for your messages.

*Beautiful thing about this app is that it learns. Using machine learning, this app observes your replies and suggest accordingly. It gets better with time. It can even detect regional languages.

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