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Grammarly introduced a new Virtual Keyboard app for Android

Grammarly for Android

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Grammarly introduced a new Virtual Keyboard app for Android

If you are a blogger or does a lot of writing on your computer, chances are you might have used Grammarly before. Grammarly is a tool used to catch grammatical errors in your writings. Recently Grammarly released a new virtual keyboard app for Android users: available in PlayStore. we Personally use Grammarly for all our writings in AndroidEstate.

As you type, Grammarly continuously checks for errors and if it finds one, then it immediately shows a suggestion. Clicking on the suggestion will automatically correct the word. Grammarly also shows the explanation of what went wrong. You can also personalize the dictionary.

grammarly for android

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If you are the one who wants to make professional articles with no grammatical mistakes, then Grammarly is your ally. With Grammarly keyboard app, you can even make your chats look professional.

Data Breach?

Grammarly ensures the maximum protection by encrypting the data you type. Grammarly records the data you’ve entered to check with its database and ensures no grammatical error occurred. Grammarly never saves your sensitive information like credit card data, so all your sensitive information is safe now.


1.No Gesture typing

One of the biggest flaws in Grammarly keyboard app is that it lacks Gesture typing feature. Gesture typing makes my typing faster and much easier and lacking is definitely a downside.

2. No Customisation

Personally, I like the clean and minimal looks of Grammarly keyboard, but lacking customisation is really an unlikely thing for some freaks.


Grammarly just made its entry into the Android world which we definitely appreciate. We hope Grammarly fixes its flaws and make it more feature rich in future updates.

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