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How to download WhatsApp Status videos or Images


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How to download WhatsApp Status videos or Images

How to download WhatsApp Status videos or Images

Recently in 2017, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp stories, in fact, stoled it from Snapchat. Any user can upload any video of 30 seconds(time limit).  Any of your friends can watch it, but cannot download it. There is a very easy and simple process to download WhatsApp stories(Status) which don’t require any application or Root. 

By this process, you can download it, share it, send it to friends through any medium you wanted to.

*Do respect others privacy.


  • Android mobile with WhatsApp installed.
  • File Explorer.

Make sure that you have an active internet connection before starting this process.

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Method 1 

Open WhatsApp and open status of the person whose you wanted to download.

let the video play completely  (let the photo load completely).

Now go to your file explorer (file manager).

open “WhatsApp” folder.

open “media” folder.

download whatsapp status

Now you cannot see a folder named “statuses” because it is a hidden folder.

You can view it by enabling “show hidden folders option”.

Open “.statuses” folder. Now all the recent WhatsApp status videos you watched will appear there.

download whatsapp status


Move those photos/videos to other folders to make them visible in Gallery. You can also share them by long-pressing them and click “send”.

*if “show hidden folders” option is not present in your file explorer then download ES File Explorer.

download whatsapp status

Do the same process.


Method 2 (using App)

If you feel the above process(method 1) is complex or annoying then this method is for you.

Yes, method 1 is a little annoying because you have to do the complete process every time you wanted to download a status. Using this method you download any status by just a click.



Open the app “Story Saver for Whatsapp”.

Click on the button “Recent Stories“.

Now all the recent stories will appear there.

download whatsapp status


select them and click the download button present on the top right corner. That’s it, video/photo will be downloaded to your mobile.

*Note: Before downloading, you have the play the video completely in WhatsApp.

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Method 3

This is the most reliable and non-recommended method. This method will involve a third party application which is not a legal version of WhatsApp, called GBWhatsApp. This is a great replacement for your regular WhatsApp and offers a ton of new features which are not available in the original version of WhatsApp.

Not just as a replacement, you can also use simultaneously with the original WhatsApp. So, now you can have multiple WhatsApp apps with different accounts in the same mobile. This app comes with additional features like inbuilt Status download, message scheduler, and custom skins etc.

  1. Download the latest GB WhatsApp from this link.
  2. Go to the STATUS section.
  3. Click on the three dot icon which is present on the top right section of the screen.
  4. Select “view Statuses as list” option.
  5. There you’ll find all your contacts’ latest Statuses. Click on the image/video to view it.
  6. Viewing a friend’s status via this method will not let him know. This is an additional advantage.
  7. A button labeled “Download” will appear below status which if clicked will start downloading the status.



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