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Get Google Pixel 2 live Wallpapers in any Android Device

google live wallpapers

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Get Google Pixel 2 live Wallpapers in any Android Device


Google released their new flagship phone Pixel2 recently. It’s been impressing all the reviewers with its software. It’s got some interesting specs and looks. When it comes to looks, Google live wallpapers is the first thing that comes to mind.

Check out the complete review:


Google Live Wallpapers 

Google live wallpapers are different from the traditional live wallpapers.

Unlike traditional live wallpapers, google live wallpapers have very little but very effective movements. At first glance, it catches everyone’s attention. Movements are barely noticeable, but the details are excellent which makes it super cool. It got my attention, it will get yours too. They are really beautiful and definitely worth trying.

google live wallpapers download


Installation Process 

Download Google live wallpapers. It is almost 180 MB.

Live earth wallpapers (WallpapersBReel) 6.0.x Mirror (Google Drive) Alternate Fix ARM64
Live earth wallpapers (WallpapersBReel) 7.0+All Mirror (Google Drive) ARM64
Universal APKs for all devices Texture Fix by @jekapaty Testing ARM/ARM64

Install it.

Set Google live wallpapers as your default home screen wallpaper. If you can’t find live wallpapers in wallpapers settings (which of course you would not find in Samsung and Xiaomi devices), then download Wallpapers app developed by Google. After downloading wallpapers app, try installing from it.

Works only with Android 6.0 and above.

Might not work on ARM x86 devices.

check out the detailed article:



After two days of usage, I felt it is definitely worth trying but not for too long.

It drains the battery a little bit faster than it did before.

With my one plus 3T, I found screen lagging sometimes which is a little annoying.  If your device is running on Snapdragon 650 or lower then the lagging issue could be huge.

We tested it on Redmi Note 4 and found too much screen lagging and battery draining issues too.


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