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How to stop members in a WhatsApp group from messaging

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How to stop members in a WhatsApp group from messaging

How to stop members in a WhatsApp group from messaging

WhatsApp rolled out a new update in which admin can restrict users from changing Group Info – subject, icon, and description. With this new update, Admin can remove a person as admin without removing him from the group. It literally means WhatsApp has increased admin’s control over groups which is what all of us wanted for years.

The most annoying part of WhatsApp is groups. All of you must have such groups where people literally through shit into it. It especially gets worse if it is a college group.

Suppose you are an admin of an Organization’s WhatsApp group, what you should be doing is sharing important announcements and participants are supposed to hear them. But what actually happens is participants literally talk shit in the group making the group completely meaningless. Don’t worry, Admins got more control now. They can make things better.

This feature is rolled out to both Android and IOS users. If you don’t find any of these options, update your app to the latest version. WhatsApp says that this feature will encourage organizations and communities to use WhatsApp groups for one way communications.

Restrict Group members from Messaging

This process is same for both iPhones and Android devices.

  1. Open the Group to which you are an admin for. Only group admins will have this feature.
  2. restrict participants from messaging
  3. Tap on the Group name which will take you to the Group Info Screen.
  4. Select Group settings option.
  5. restrict participants from messaging
  6. Now, tap on Send messages which will trigger a pop-up window.
  7. Select “Only admins” option in the pop-up window and click OK to confirm changes.

Note: Enabling this feature will restrict other participants from messaging in the group. This suits best if the group is related to organizations and communities.

Any admin of the group can always change the setting and allow all the participants to participate in the group.

WhatsApp continuously leveling up its game making the best messaging app even better.

Wanna know the latest WhatsApp updates?

Do you use this feature to shut your group participants? let me know why.

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