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Wifi is about to get WPA3 Wifi update after 14 years


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Wifi is about to get WPA3 Wifi update after 14 years

Wifi is about to get WPA3 Wifi update after 14 years

Finally, after 14 years, WIFI has got a major security update Wi-Fi Protected Access 3(WPA3). The Wi-Fi Alliance, which supervises the adoption of the Wi-Fi standard, is beginning to certify products that support WPA3, the successor to the WPA2 security protocol that’s been in use for 14 years (since 2004).

What this means to you.

This new protocol ensures higher security for the devices connected to Wi-Fi. One big improvement is that this technology makes it harder for the hackers to crack your password by brute-force attacks, even if they, they are not going to have much data from you. Nothing will change as far as users see it; you’ll still just type in your password and connect to the network.


Finally, a feature called Easy Connect will let you connect the smart, Internet-enabled home gadgets to Wi-Fi that don’t have any screens or buttons. A simple scan of a QR code found on a compatible product will be enough. That’s a great feature which makes your smart home smarter.

WPA 3 compatible Wi-Fi devices will support faster Internet speeds as well, thanks to the new 802.11ax standard that’s currently rolling out in new products. Of course, you’ll also need support from your internet service provider.

We are not going to see this technology any time soon, however, this might be the future. By 2020 everybody will be using this technology.

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