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WifiDabba offers 100MB internet for just Rs 2.


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WifiDabba offers 100MB internet for just Rs 2.


A year ago, Reliance Jio entered the telecom market and entirely changed the game. Since then, we have been experiencing high-speed 4G internet data at much lower prices, high-quality video and audio calls for free and free messages. No one had ever dreamed this situation before.

It’s all Jio who made India the Top Data Consumption country in the world. It also plays a crucial role in India’s digitalization.

Wifi Dabba, a Bengaluru based startup is challenging Jio at its own game. Wifi Dabba offers 100MB high-speed internet at just Rs 2.


Wifi Dabba

Founders: Shubhendu Sharma and Karam Lakshman

city: Bengaluru

Headcount: 32

WifiDabba has a huge Userbase in Bengaluru. It is a licensed ISP, and it provides this data through small routers powered by fiber optics. This company has already installed over 350 routers across Bengaluru with 50 Mbps speed, and each has a range of 100-200meters.


Wifi Dabba Data Packages 

100 MB: Rs 2.

500 MB: Rs 10

1GB: Rs 20.

This data is available in the form of pre-paid cards sold by tea stalls in Bengaluru.



“We do not ask our users to download any app. They just need to punch in their mobile numbers, fill in the OTP for verification, punch in the key and connect to the internet,” explains Sharma.


Data cost in India is very high at present. We believe that even after the launch of Jio there is a lot of room for price wars to happen and we are certain that we can drop the prices even further,” says Wifi Dabba, cofounder, Shubhendu Sharma.


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