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YouTube changed their Logo for the first time and new Interface

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YouTube changed their Logo for the first time and new Interface

YouTube made some big changes to its interface. From design changes, icon tweaks to new features, both desktop and mobile app interfaces got huge changes.

Logo Change

YouTube changed its logo for the first time. Instead of the red focus on “Tube”, YouTUbe logo now has an iconic play button on the left which looks pretty cool.

YouTube changed logo

Change in Desktop Interface

Now YouTube interface is lot more White dominant than previous. Very less red. Now it looks a lot cleaner. Google materialistic design. More Space for video thumbnails.

   Video thumbnails occupy more space.


Youtube changed interface

Youtube changed interface


Mobile App Interface changes

Even the mobile app interface changes. YouTube decided to remove red from their website. YouTube mobile app is completely white dominant. Red color only appears in the logo and subscribe button. Completely removed banner on the top.


Youtube changed interface


New Dark Mode

YouTube introduced a new dark mode feature. previously it is there but, hidden. But now, it is open and can be used by any one.

How to activate YouTube Dark Mode:

  • Open YouTube
  • click on your account
  • youtube changes
  • select the “Dark Mode”

    YouTube Dark mode

    YouTube Dark mode

  • Now Turn it On  (click Toggle) 
    YouTube Dark mode

    YouTube Dark mode


    Adaptive Player

Finally, the mobile app is getting an adaptive player that can display vertical video without those annoying black bars. Sadly, it’s not arriving today, at least not for most users. This feature may not be available most of the users yet , but in the future it might happen.


Some Little Tweaks

Subscribe button changed its position to right.

Like, dislike , share icons are much more refined and looks good.


youtube changes interface




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