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7 Top YouTube Tricks That you are not aware of (2018)

youtube tricks

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7 Top YouTube Tricks That you are not aware of (2018)


YouTube is the biggest online video sharing platform owned by Google. In fact, every one of us watches YouTube videos at least once in a day. Google CEO stated that one billion hours of YouTube videos are being watched every day. So, if we are using something this often, then it’s definitely worth knowing some tricks about it and enhance our YouTube experience. Here are some useful working YouTube tricks:


7.Link to any part of youtube

Wanted to share a youtube video from a particular point? This trick allows you to do exactly that. Now you can share the link of any youtube video that starts exactly from the point where you wanted it to.

  1. Go to the video you wanted to share
  2. Click share icon
  3. you will see an option “start at“. Check the box and enter the time from which you wanted the video to start from.
  4. Copy the URL and then share.

youtube tricks


6.Embed Video

You can embed any youtube video on your website with this trick. All you have to do is copy some code and paste it in the website, that’s it, your video will be available in the place you wanted it to.

  1. Click on “share” option
  2. Click “embed” option.
  3. a new window with the embed code and different options will open.
  4. check the options according to the requirement and copy, paste the embed code.

youtube tricks


5.Bypass region and age restriction

Ever been stopped from watching a video due to the age restriction, don’t worry we heard you. YouTube has an age restriction on some videos that are flagged as mature content.

However, if you don’t feel like signing in or you just don’t have a YouTube account, you can as well bypass the sign-in using this simple trick.

Take a YouTube video URL like this:


Delete the “watch?” And replace the “=” with another / to create a URL that looks like this:


This trick will bypass regional restrictions.


4.CheckOut YouTube TV

YouTube Tv is pretty much the same YouTube app with an improved interface designed especially for smart tv. YouTube tv is designed for controlling with a remote. So try this without using a mouse for fun.

This version of youtube can be used using just keyboard. This might not be a useful trick, but it definitely feels great to know something that your friend doesn’t.

So it is definitely worth trying:

youtube tricks


3.Loop any Youtube Video

If you find any video interesting and wanted to hear the song over and over. But the official YouTube app doesn’t support this. Here is where this trick comes to play.

This is a handy trick when you wanted to hear a video over and over.


add “repeater” to youtube:



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2.Download YouTube Videos

We all love downloading YouTube videos and making them offline. YouTube has a feature to offline videos but they don’t exist permanently and we can’t even share video. So this trick helps you to download YouTube video. There are three ways of downloading:

Take any YouTube URL

  1. Place “pwn” before youtube:
  2. Place “kick” before youtube:
  3. Place “ss”   before youtube:


1.Convert Videos to GIF

Converting YouTube videos to animated GIF is very simple. Creating a GIF is always fun.To create an animated GIF from any part of a video, just add GIF to the YouTube link. So to edit this video into a GIF we do this:

original URL:                          

GIF before the YouTube    


This will bring you to where you can add a variety of effects and crop the GIF to your desire. Once you have done it, you can share the GIF to social networks or else download it for safekeeping. Beware that videos must be under an hour to use this service.

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